World's only ERP platform combining Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to increase Trust, Transparency and Traceability

Artificial Intelligence (AI) meets Blockchain (BC)

Our platform leverages Blockchain to reshape industries in domains as varied as pharma, agriculture, cannabis, supply-chain, finance, government, and manufacturing. Our platform empowers businesses with the ability to digitize their transaction work flows leveraging Blockchain and real-time analytics capabilities leveraging AI.

Blockchain Network

Blockchain-based process management

  • Transparent business contracts
  • Real time trackability of assets
  • Zero to minimum audit overheads
  • Fully automated compliance

AI-based real-time analytics

  • Predictive insights based on past data and trends
  • Intelligent inferences from immutable history of transactions
  • AI integration with blockchain unearthing hidden meanings from data

Why AoB Blockchain?

Our platform is a permission-based Blockchain using Hyperledger and is a fully secured solution adhering to all Privacy, PII & PCI Compliance.

By leveraging Blockchain’s distributed architecture, we are creating an ecosystem of higher Trust, Transparency, Reliability and Governance across the network of entities within any given ecosystem or a supply-chain.

Ourplatform revolutionizes the way critical data is stored, managed, used and retrieved across your channel partners enabling quick decisions on data you can undoubtedly trust.

Fully-configurable and integrated ERP on our Blockchain cloud platform will provide

  • Transparency,Trust among Suppliers/Vendors/Buyers/3rd-party negotiators etc.
  • Highly secured infrastructure enabling trust and confidence among various users
  • Immutable Transactions and distributed database are at the heart of our product
  • Complete Track and Trace of Inventory from Suppliers to Buyers and every place in between
  • Integration with other leading ERP/Enterprise systems through AOB micro-services
  • Payment transactions through AOB Currency

Our Solution- provides traceability, auditability, trust, consensus, standards, compliance, security & Automation

Our platform cuts across the industries

Our fully-configurable and flexible platform can be used across multiple industries to solve the major trust, transparency and duplicity issues.

Industries We Serve

Domains We Serve

  • Supply Chain

  • Manufacturing

  • Compliance

  • Point Of Sale

What AllonBlock Will Bring to the Industry

Compliance with the local Governments

Compliance with the
local Governments

Increased Transparency


Economical Transactions


Speeds up Processes

Speeds up

How Our Product Looks

ERP++ seamless compliance and efficient management

Point of SalePOS
Point of SalePOS
Point of SalePOS

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